Whale Watching Trip in Tenerife

70€ per person ・ 3 hours ・ Includes equipment, picnic

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 Whale Watching Trip Tenerife🗨 Antonio (Ethical Whale Watching Director): If you think about whales, the first thing that will pop up in your mind is “Ooooh, I want to see one so bad!”. Well, how about this: what if, this time, you watch AND hear whales? With our specific gear, you’ll be able to listen to their enchanting chant with all the respect they deserve. Hop in!

Eco Whale Watching and Hearing Trip, a unique experience in Tenerife South

For this experience, Senda Ecoway wants you to use an unusual sense to meet the cetaceans: your hearing! Thanks to our hydrophone, we will listen to their conversations. Whale Watching in Tenerife Trip is an amazing journey: open your senses and prepare to live a unique moment amongst whales and dolphins!

The Senda step by step

The journey begins in Puerto de Colón near Costa Adeje, considered one of the best areas in Europe for spotting more than 20 different species of marine mammals, both migratory and resident.
The maximum number of people allowed by trip is 10 as we want everyone to fully enjoy the tour and to respect the environment. The whole experience will be led by a marine biologist specialised in whales and dolphins that will not only explain the behaviour and natural habitat of the marine wildlife, but will also deliver the tour with the greatest respect for the animals and their surroundings. Throughout the activity, drinks and snacks will be provided to each participant. Before we go back to the land, we’ll do a stop in Puertito de Armeñime to snorkel around, and we will then head back to Puerto de Colón.

At a glance

Hour: From 09:00 to 12:30
 Languages: Spanish, English
 Booking notice required: 24 hours
 People: from 2 to 10
 Duration: 3 hours approx.
 Ideal for: Couples, friends, family, biologist.
 Intensity: Medium
 Town:  Costa Adeje, Tenerife

What’s included?

 Biology guide
 Boat round trip
 Snacks and drinks
 Complete snorkel gear
 Environment-friendly experience

Meeting point


  • This activity is exclusively on request. Please ask for information and make a reservation through our online form
  • We recommend you to bring sun cream and appropriate clothes for the weather conditions of the day
  • We can offer the tour in other languages, subject to confirmation within a maximum period of 24 hours
  • Acting responsibly with the environment and the conservation of the whales and dolphins is a key aspect of this independent tour


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