Our Commitment

Sendaecoway was born with the idea of offering our Ecotravelers unique experiences fleeing mass tourism so harmful to the environment. Our goal is to promote author tourism to those travelers committed to sustainability and who want to live local adventures and experiences in a unique environment.

Our commitment to author tourism and the environment is a challenge for us. With our paths we seek you to immerse yourself in smells, flavors, colors, textures and sounds so that you can stay with an authentic and unique vision of the Canary Islands.

Unique experiences

We move forward in our commitment to author tourism because we believe and believe because we move forward. We are moved by blind faith in what we do and knowing that sustainable tourism is possible. Thus, our reasons for creating and offering you experiences are closer to building an imagined future in the heat of immersive experiences and local dynamics, than of the implementation of a business model based on global trends and mass tourism; closer to the personalized and the creative, than to the general and mass-produced.

We discard ideas because they deviate from our currency and, despite this and, with much effort from our team, we have managed to create a wide catalog of unique experiences that are still growing. In the conception of these we have bet from the beginning to not only make you enjoy like anyone else, but do so with the utmost respect for the environment. Unique experiences because they are different, original, because they combine the best in a single product designed for you.

Sustainable tourism

Years of work seeking to combine environmental sustainability, satisfy the most demanding travelers and local development have been rewarded by awards such as the one received “For good practices in tourism sustainability” awarded to Sendaecoway by Tenerife Tourism in December 2018 , or the “Empresas + Sostenibles” certificate granted to us by the Environment and Sustainability area of the Cabildo de Tenerife together with the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

But without a doubt our greatest joy is born from the smiles of our Ecotravelers after having lived a unique experience, Thank you all for your commitment to sustainable and author tourism!