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¡Hola! Soy experta en Turismo y gran aventurera. ¿Pensando en tener una experiencia inolvidable? Únete a nosotros y nuestros Ecotravelers y anímate a probar nuevas experiencias con Sendaecoway! Hi. I am a tourism professional and a great adventurer. Are you thinking about in having an unforgettable experience? Join us and our Ecotravelers and cheer yourself to experiment news experiences with Sendaecoway.

What it is? Definition of ecotourism

Ecotourism or nature tourism is the tourist activity which evolves without influencing or affecting the environments equilibrium, avoiding to cause damage to nature.

Its a trend with a clear objective: combine tourism industry with ecology.

This new trend is bound with an ethical sense, thus it’s intention is to promote the well-being from the local communities beyond the tourists enjoyment.

Ecotourism also looks to encourage a sustainable development, this is that the actual tourism growth doesn’t harm future possibilities.

Sustainable Tourism / Ecotourism, Whats the difference?

Sustainable Tourism - Ecotourism
Difference between sustainable tourism and ecotourism

While ecotourism is the one which is carried out by visitants in a natural zone for the purpose of  it’s interpretation, contribution to its conservation and finding out all about it; sustainable tourism is the tourism type that all tourism activities should tend to, as they contribute to conserve the Natural Heritage and Cultures of the touristic places, as well as it has a positive impact on the locals economies.

It also enables the tourists enjoyment.

Types of Ecotourism

Types of Ecotourism
Graphic – Types of Ecotourism

Marine Ecotourism

This is the way of practicing tourism in the sea without affecting the ecosystem, by observing the environment and conserving locals well-being. It is considered as a rapidly growing and profitable market which takes into account the environmental conservation by reducing environmental impacts and promoting local communities interests.

It causes significant positive results to the natural environment offering a new, more sustainable world outlook to people involved and helping to raise funds. As an example, practicing paddle surf, or any water sport without the need of burning fuel is included under this heading.

Sunlight Ecotourism

The main reason for tourists to practice Sunlight Ecotourism is Sun. This type of tourism englobes all the different resorts or tourism business which normally are found near the beach and the coastline. Some of them use solar panels, use more efficient cooling, lighting and heating systems.

Others try to provide `zero-mile´ products, feature recycled and sustainable materials, and are improving their footprint. As an example, Jumeirah Vittaveli Resort in the Maldives have achieved to combine eco-friendly travel and luxury. They heat their pools by generators that run on heat recovery systems or and a water purification system that’s used to treat seawater and create fresh drinking water, saving 70,000 plastic bottles every year.

Ecotourism Destinations

Thenmala Ecotourism
Thenmala Ecotourism

Eco-friendly travel in becoming more popular than ever as travelers look to practice preserving the beautiful world that they experience on vacation. For this reason ecotourism destinations are rapidly growing. The most popular destinations are Costa Rica, Amazon Rainforest, Iceland, Kenya, Antartica and Galapagos Islands. 

However, other resorts all around the world, evidence how this tourism type is a growing industry. In between our favorites, Six Senses Con Dao in Vietnam, and surrounded by jungle and white sand beaches, has been built using sustainable materials and its most impressive feature is that the structure of the resort was designed to maximize airflow and therefore reduce the need for air conditioning. 

Six Senses Con Dao in Vietnam
Six Senses Con Dao in Vietnam

On the other hand, the Svart Hotel in Norway, has been built with the idea that it could produce more energy than it consumes in the coming years, making it an ‘energy-positive hotel’. It’s meant to be one of the world’s most impressive eco-friendly and sustainable hotels, as is being constructed with solar panels to produce energy and using a variety of techniques it’s aiming to run on significantly lower energy consumption rates, creating a surplus.


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