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What is the experiential travel?

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Hello, my name is Jaqueline and I am a travel lover. During the trip, I like to have the possibility to know all the hidden places that I haven’t know yet. One of the things that I like to do is to go to the cinema. I am passionate by movies and I would like to see them in cinemas. Eating in a good restaurant would be a nice idea. I love cooking and taste different types of food, specially when the food is a traditional plate from the country.

The experiential travel is that tourism based in the emotions and the feelings of the travellers like the key points of the activities that would be done. This type of tourism has strongly entered in various areas. It is mainly about intensifying the experiences lived on each trip.

The activities offered in experiential tourism tend to be unconventional and make each experience unique and unmatched. However, is it a temporary trend or is it a new way of traveling that comes to stay?

The value of the emotions as a part of the trip 

The type of tourism is mainly focused on feeling every moment of the traveler’s journey on vacation. It is  about giving a new meaning to the places visited in the life of the traveler. 

The tourism of emotions keeps aside the typical mass tourism where the best-known places are visited and everything is superficially observed. Now the proposal is to enter the visited place and make the traveler himself part of that place he visits. In this way, it is no longer about visiting an old aboriginal town but about knowing in detail how the aborigines lived, for example, reliving their way of preparing food!

Details are everything in experiential tourism. Each tiny piece of reality is what will make the difference to make the traveler feel with their own tourist history. The traveler becomes the protagonist of the story he is learning about. This is especially reflected in those activities that, far from the crowds of people, approach the local communities and their way of life. Thus, the experiential tourist can feel the lifestyle of the different cultures that he visits, its heritage, its architecture, its identity, its gastronomy and everything that each small town represents.

A trend that looks that is coming to stay 

The truth is that the tourism sectors are increasingly betting on this type of tourism to attract more public. The more personal experiences and in smaller groups, the better acceptance they have. Furthermore, this emotional tourism is changing the consumption habits of tourism as we know it. Nowadays, it has become an indispensable bet to build customer loyalty as well as attract them. 

However, far from tourism competitiveness, the main thing within this type of travel is precisely to highlight the value of local initiatives against industrial tourism. Thus, the main objective of this tourism is to preserve the local authenticity of the communities, their tradition and their cultures and to involve the traveler in them.


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