Horseback Riding in Tenerife | El Manchón

25€ per person ・40 minutes

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Horseback Riding Tenerife Jesica🗨 Jesica (Horseback riding monitor): Ready to ride in El Manchón? All you have to do is wear the equipment we will give you and jump on the back of a horse, as simple as 1, 2, 3! Whether you’re riding Butterfly, Colt or Chocolate, you will enjoy stunning panoramic views of La Laguna at a slow pace. Get ready and join us!

Horseback riding in Tenerife | El Manchón

Do you begin in horse riding? Or are you already an expert rider? Either way, this Senda is for you, little adventurer! We have routes designed for all levels and we choose for you a specific horse depending on your level: in other words, our activity of horseback riding in Tenerife is suitable for aspiring riders with basic or no knowledge in riding horses and for experienced riders. The ranch is a real horse temple in La Laguna, located in the mount at 600m above sea level. It is a privileged place for horse riding in the island and for enjoying an oceanic weather because it is situated in the middle of the three climatic fringes of Tenerife.

The Senda step by step

All routes begin on Mount Mesa Mota, from where we will head to thick forests to gallop on hills and explore the surroundings. The route is designed to enjoy endemic vegetation such as lausilva forests, which include Viñátigo, Laurel, Small-leaved Holly and Perse Indica; and Fayal-Brezal forests. The ranch will lend you the necessary equipment to be safe during the activity. Come with us and live an unforgettable pleasant experience among Canarian nature, meet our beautiful animals and learn how we feed and spoil them.

At a glance

 Schedule: from 12:00 to 12:40
 Languages: Spanish, English
 Booking notice required: 4 days
 Number of people: Up to 20
 Duration: 30 – 40 mins
 Ideal for: Couples, friends
 Intensity: Medium
 Location: La Laguna, Tenerife

What’s included

 Guided horseback ride
Qualified monitor
Full horseback riding equipment

Meeting point


  • The horseback riding schedule may be subject to variations depending on availability
  • The start time will be confirmed within 24 hours after your reservation
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses and warm clothes


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