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Trekking & Picnic | Lanzarote’s Los Volcanes Natural Park

4 hours · Exclusive experience



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Meet The National Park of Timanfaya, the Volcanoes Natural Park in Lanzarote

Name: Parque Natural de Los Volcanes
Environmental Protection: Natural Park
Lugar: Lanzarote, provincia Las Palmas, Canarias
Locations: Tinajo, Tías y Yaiza
Area: 10,158.4 hectares
Longitude: 13°40′33″ O
Latitude: 29°00′07″ N
Creation date: 1987


An overwhelming landscape, in which fire, ash and rock mergeTour the Los Volcanes Natural Park with the help of a local hiking expert and finish with a delicious KM0 picnic in a unique place!An experience you will not forget.



Parque Natural de Los Volcanes- paisaje lunar

Did you know that Los Volcanes Natural Park is a protected area that represents the volcanism of Lanzarote? This natural park has its surface covered by lava that comes from eruptions dated between 1730-1736; and in 1824.


The keys of this tour

Private transfer

Hike from your hotel La Isla y El Mar. Marcelo, the guide, will pick you up at the hotel and return you after this route through the Natural Park of Timanfaya.

You can enjoy trekking between volcanoes with just you and your group, up to 8 people. It is an exclusive hike, with the guide at your disposal, to chat in a relaxed way about the hidden treasures of Lanzarote.

Note 1: It must be booked at least one week in advance.
Note 2: Only available on Saturdays.


The route runs inside the Los Volcanes Natural Park, to the east. The map indicates the specific areas where stops are made and explanations of points of interest given. Some of the characteristic points of the route are the volcano of La Rilla, the volcano of Señalo and the caldera of Santa Catalina.

EIn total, it will be 7 kilometres and 3 hours of walking on a circular route through this natural park.

Exclusive picnic

Optionally, after the route, we will look for a special corner that nature offers us and will have an outdoor on-site picnic, consisting of KM0 products..


Pícnic exclusivo

This decoration could be modified

• Sushi: Horomakis and vegetarian uramakis, salmon, tuna and sushi-Fusion sardine skewer.
• Mini sandwich of chicken and peach, mayonnaise and mustard
• Russian fillets on toast over caramelized onion and quince top
• Mini chicken and cherry tomato cheeseburger
• Pipirrana prawn salad cups
• Tuna tartar and guacamole cups


• Fresh fruit skewers
• Tiramisu cups
•  Chocolate Miguelitos

DRINKS: water, Bermejo Seco DO Lanzarote white wine, beer

Note 1: Assembly price: € 400 / group.
Note 2: Menu price: € 25 / person.


Learning volcanic science

The magnificent conservation of the landscape, thanks to the arid climate of Lanzarote, will leave you stunned.

Get ready to travel back 25 million years to the Oligocene. On the seabed, a volcanic edifice was emerging, the island of Lanzarote, which when surfacing from of the sea emitted magma and lava began to pile up.

This trip will take you from the birth of the Canary Islands to the present day. You will learn about the internal forces of our planet and how Lanzarote and the Canary Islands were at the beginning. A whole class of volcanic science.

Parque Natural de Los Volcanes - Playa

Lunar landscape

Unique views of a volcanic landscape with strange formations due to the solidification of lava.

Sharpen the view and find these singular formations: we will cross the lava flows, we will ascend to the volcanic cones, we will pass by the volcanic tubes and discover lava lake formations, craters, tunnels, hornitos and much more.

In search of vegetation

Vegetation is scarce, and is only present in areas with older lava solidification. On the lava, we will find a timid resurgence of life: fungi, lichen, majorera asparagus and purpurario gongarillo.

Parque natural de Los Volcanes - Vistas

The surviving fauna

The Natural Park of Los Volcanes has been declared a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA). A zone of special protection for birds (ZEPA) is a category of protected areas listed by the member states of the European Union as natural areas of unique relevance for the conservation of birds threatened with extinction.

Despite the extreme conditions of aridity, lack of vegetation and water, 200 species inhabit this park (50% vertebrates), 24 of them protected. Reptiles and birds stand out.

At a glance

Hours: Saturday morning or afternoon
Languages: Spanish, English, French, German
Time to book in advance: 4 days for private excursion on Saturdays
Hours : Saturday morning or afternoon (private group)
Number of people: 2 – 8
Duration: 4 hours (transfers included)
Ideal for: Couples, Friends, Family
Intensity: Medium
City: Yaiza, Lanzarote

What’s included?

3-hour route through the Natural Park of Los Volcanes (7kms.)
Expert guide who will interpret the landscape
Hiking stick
Picnic (optional)
Insurance: accident and civil liability insurance
Transferfrom Hotel La Isla y El Mar
Carbon footprint compensatio
Don’t forget: Sports shoes or boots

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