Terms and Conditions

SENDA Ecoway offers you a comprehensive and multiproduct experience that will put you in contact with different activities and collaborating partners. Senda Ecoway has been created as the first online platform devoted exclusively to marketing sustainable tourism experiences. We design our own routes working in close cooperation with our suppliers. We combine different products and services strategically to create innovative, responsible and attractive experiences.

Payment method

Payments for SENDAs are made online through the SENDA Ecoway SL website and must be made in advance as soon as availability is confirmed. Payment can be made by credit card or Paypal.

Proof of Purchase

You will immediately receive an e-mail confirmation to the address provided and this will automatically generate a receipt for your purchase.

How do I prove I am a SENDER to the different service suppliers?

As soon as you complete your purchase, you will receive the corresponding voucher by e-mail.

It is important that you have with you the password issued with your booking. This is your confirmation showing that you are entitled to the services of our suppliers. It will be requested in the various establishments visited.

This identifier is all you need.

To avoid the need to print out the voucher, we recommend you store it on your phone

You can choose between various forms of identification:

  • Individual password
  • Digital verification

How do I obtain an invoice for my purchase?

You can request an invoice for any product bought on our website by writing to the following e-mail address: facturas@sendaecoway.com. Don’t forget to include:

  • Your booking reference
  • The name of the person or company in whose name the invoice is to be issued
  • Your NIF or CIF tax number
  • Your full address, including postcode, name of town/city and province

Your invoice will be sent to you by e-mail

When will my SENDA booking and date be confirmed?

You will receive instant confirmation both on screen and to the e-mail address provided when making the booking. Our booking system automatically generates a purchase confirmation as soon as payment is received. This confirmation contains all the details of the booking and proof of purchase.

The date requested may already be full, in which case we will suggest alternative dates or services for you to choose from!

Cancellations and Amendments

How do I cancel a SENDA?

Contact us by e-mail on hello@sendaecoway.com

What cancellation notice do I need to give?

For purchases made less than a week before the date of the Senda: within 3 hours of purchase.

For purchases made more than a week before the date of the Senda: within 48 hours of purchase.

What happens in the event of a cancellation by the SENDA supplier?

You can choose a different date for your SENDA

You can change your SENDA

We will refund the cost of the SENDA purchased

Can I change the date of my SENDA?

A maximum of one change is allowed.

Changes are subject to availability.

Date changes must be notified at least 48 hours in advance.

Any changes must be used within 30 days

Can I change SENDA?

Not permitted.

Contact e-mail: hello@sendaecoway.com

Weather conditions

For reasons of client safety, we may occasionally be forced to cancel an activity which is part of a SENDA or even the entire SENDA. Where this occurs, it will always be for reasons beyond the control of SENDA Ecoway but warranted in all cases.

In such cases SENDA clients may choose between:

  • A change of date for their SENDA, to be used on any day up to 30 days from the original date.
  • An alternative SENDA on the same date.

Complaints, opinions, suggestions

Senda are mere intermediaries between the companies and the client and it is the responsibility of each firm that works with us to provide a quality service that matches the description offered. In this regard, the suppliers of the services on our routes are solely responsible for the correct functioning of the latter. Nonetheless, we have a complaints book for customers to record any issues that may arise during the booking process.

Give us your views on SENDA Ecoway

Your opinions are very valuable both for us and for other SENDA users. Share them on our website www.sendaecoway.com or by e-mail on hello@sendaecoway.com. We can pass your opinion on to a collaborating partner, if you would like us to.

Do you have a complaint about your SENDA or the partners who work with us?

Complaints or claims relating to services provided by one of our partners should be addressed directly to the partner in question, although we would appreciate it if you could notify us in order to help us improve.

You can use either of our online channels:

E-mail to hello@sendaecoway.com

Web form on web www.sendaecoway.com

Do you have comments to make on the SENDA platform and services?

If you would like to comment on the intermediation services provided by SENDA Ecoway, please feel free to contact us using either of our online communication channels:

E-mail to hello@sendaecoway.com

Web form on www.sendaecoway.com