4 BEST ACTIVITIES to do in Tenerife this 2020

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    Hello everyone, my name is Lola and in this post, I will recommend you the 4 best experiences to do with Sendaecoway this 2020 on the island of Tenerife.

    I will try to show you in detail everything you may need to know to decide, both for canaries and tourists, so please, if you are visiting the island, try to not stay at the hotel :).

    I want to make clear that these are my personal recommendations, Tenerife is an island full of extraordinary places to discover and moments to enjoy, for all people and for all tastes.

    Please understand that if it was for me, all I would do is tour the island enjoying food and good wine, but here I want to show you the island a little in its diversity, and not respond exclusively to my passion for gastronomy and desserts.


    Tenerife is an island located northwest of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of approximately 1 million habitants and can be surrounded by road in about 2 hours, depending on the number of stops we make. Its capital is Santa Cruz, located in the north-east of the island.

    It is a volcanic island, it is formed by volcano eruptions (now inactive) where the most famous, and the one that presides over it, is the Teide, with 3718 meters of altitude.


    El Teide is the highest peak in Spain, a volcano full of history and legends, with a presence throughout the island. It is visible from many points throughout the Canary Islands, although when it is really enjoyed it is on an excursion to the summit, or on an observation of stars at night from its base, in Las Ca√Īadas.




    But Tenerife is much more than that. So that you can understand it, the island is very divided between north and south.



    In the NORTH you will find:


    • The best local cuisine.
    • Authentic villages of the Canary Islands.
    • Black sand beaches, ravines, cliffs and many hidden places to enjoy.
    • Green areas of forests and lush vegetation.




    While in the SOUTH:


    • Greater tourist offers.
    • Complete leisure areas, discos, beach clubs.
    • SUN, a lot of sun.
    • Wide range of water activities: diving, surfing, windsurfing, sky, etc.



    This map will help you become familiar with the geographical distribution of the island and its main cities: 



    I know that many (of the visitors, the Canaries can skip this point) are interested in knowing what the climate of Tenerife is.

    The first thing is to understand that Tenerife has a warm climate ALL OVER THE YEAR. The north tends to be more humid and cloudy, so temperatures can be a bit lower, while in the south you can find 25-30 degrees in December and a clearer sky, with a lot of sun.

    The average temperature on the island is around 20 degrees during the year, with small variations between summer and winter.



    This does not mean that in ALL the island is the same, Tenerife has microclimates, so that the weather conditions can vary in a few kilometres. That is, DO NOT BOUND THE TEIDE IN WINTER WITHOUT DUE COAT, it is very likely that you find snow and temperatures below 0 degrees. May the pleasant sun of your hotel in Adeje not fool you.

    To illustrate, these two photos could be taken the same day, at the same time:


    Having said all of the above, let’s go to the important. My recommendation for activities for this year is a selection of:

    • Gastronomy and wine culture
    • Sport and adrenaline
    • Sea
    • Relax

    However, being this my selection, on the island you can find countless interesting things to do. From knowing its history through museums to enjoying the night in its wide variety of nightlife.

    It is also usual to explore the island discovering its corners, especially the beaches, but also the trails and villages.

    Why do I recommend Senda Ecoway experiences?

    Because Senda’s proposal is to make sustainable and responsible tourism. A different tourism.

    Most of our activities are authentic and designed by our local team with the objective in mind of offering different unique experiences for small groups compared to the usual massive proposal.




    Includes: tasting and picnic with views¬† –¬†¬†Price: 62‚ā¨ per 2 people¬† –¬† ¬†Duration: 2 hours

    Languages: english, spanish


    I recognize that this is my weakness. A guided tour of one of the most emblematic wineries in Tenerife. You may not know, but the Canary Islands have really exquisite wines and is a designation of origin awarded many times in international tastings. It is considered one of the best denominations of origin in the world.

    The best of this experience are the details; when booking, Senda Ecoway will send you an email with suggestions of viewpoints and special places to go for a picnic in company. If you prefer, you can also eat the picnic in the winery itself, though, after the wine tasting.

    For whom

    1 person




    This experience is designed to be done as a couple. However, if you want to go with more people, you just have to contact Senda Ecoway, I’m sure they will find some solution ūüėČ


    The schedule is from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The activity can be done throughout the year, although being in the north of the island, my recommendation is that you wear warm clothes, you know, just in case.

    It is important that you keep in mind that this experience must be booked 72 hours in advance.


    Bodejas Monje is located north of the island, near Puerto de la Cruz and approximately 1-hour drive from the south.

    Meeting point

    Opinions from other ecotravelers

    Very positive, nice treatment, perfect environment to go as a couple and friends!



    Includes: equipment, transfer and flight instructor¬†–¬†¬†Price: 90‚ā¨ per person¬† –¬† ¬†Duration: 20 min. of flight

    Languages: spanish, english, german, italian.


    Fascinating tandem paragliding flight in Tenerife, jumping with an instructor. We can choose to carry out the activity from the base of Teide or from the South.

    Paragliding is one of those experiences that we don’t know what they mean until we test it. The sensations are incredible and I assure you that flying over the island from a bird’s eye view is something you will not forget in a few days.

    The interesting thing about this activity is that we can do it without any previous experience. The instructors are accredited professionals and will know how to guide you at all times, in addition to providing you with the necessary equipment.

    It is also properly prepared to make it accessible for people with reduced mobility or who move in a wheelchair.

    You just have to see the pictures … ouuu mama!

    For whom

    1 person




    This experience is recommended for all audiences. Whether you want to do it alone, as a couple, family or group of friends (up to 6 people), you can enjoy as a dwarf a safe flight through the skies of Tenerife.


    This activity must be booked 72 hours in advance and can be done throughout the year. Of course, remember that at certain times the weather may be unfavorable for the flight. If you want, you can contact Senda Ecoway to solve any questions. Be that as it may, if the weather conditions prevent the completion of the activity, you can cancel the reservation and recover your money.

    Hours 08:00 – 12:00 (Teide); 09:00 – 20:00 (South)


    For this experience you can choose the place from where the jump will take place, from the South or from the base of the Teide. For both cases, our team will be responsible for transport to the launch points.

    You just have to go to the next meeting point:

    Meeting point


    Very professional! Everything went perfectly!


    Much more than hilarious, it has been exciting, very good views very good deal with the agency and the best of all flight instructors, wonderful and hilarious people !! Thank you!



    Includes: snorkeling equipment and training, insurance, instructor.¬† –¬†¬†Price: 62‚ā¨ per 2 people¬† –¬† ¬†Duration: 3 hour approx


    Everyone who has lived with the sea will say the same thing: it has something special, absorbing and captivating. In this experience, you can immerse yourself, live it and share it with the species that inhabit it.

    You will swim with the sea turtles of Tenerife, manta rays and other fish in an authentic and natural way.

    Let your heart grow a little more by letting you carry in this intimate place, always accompanied by our specialized monitors in an experience created with care to take care of the details and ensure respect for the environment and its biodiversity.

    Because one of the faces of happiness is memories, you can also choose to include a photographic report of the experience.

    Includes complete snorkelling equipment, activity insurance, transfer to the port (round trip), accompanying instructor, snorkelling training (for those who request it).

    For whom

    1 person




    This activity is for all audiences. You can do it alone or as a couple, although I think that in this case, the ideal is to share it with friends or family.


    Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. At 9:00 a.m. You must make your reservation 4 days in advance.

    The climate of the south of the island allows this activity to be carried out at any time of the year, although the most common is to do it in summer.


    This activity is carried out in the south of the island, specifically, the meeting point is the Puerto de las Galletas, in Arona.

    Meeting point

    Ecotravelers opinions

    Fantastic Experience, amazing ride and spectacular experience, highly recommended to hire the video, it is amazing the very professional images and wonderful memory of the experience

    Jose - enero 2020

    I went with my partner and it was amazing, we were in the boat and we were very few with a very close and personal treatment, we saw several turtles swam nearby, but all from the respect that the captain instills in us. 100% recommendable.

    David - enero 2020

    4. SPA: Romantic getaway

    Includes: thermal circuit, towel and changing room service, 10% discount on other treatments or massages¬†–¬†¬†Price: 56‚ā¨ per 2 people¬† –¬† ¬†Duration: up to 8 hours


    Forgetting, abstracting, relaxing, letting go, without anything bothering you. The Buenavista SPA is a different SPA, located in the north of Tenerife, in addition to having fantastic facilities, the place and the views complete a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience.

    Ineffable landscapes will steal your breath at this time to give you and the person with whom you want to share it.

    For whom

    1 person




    Both the experience and the services are designed to be done as a couple.


    Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

    It must be booked 24 hours in advance and is subject to availability.


    This path is in the north of the island. Specifically in Buenavista del Norte, which hosts a large part of the natural landscape of Tenerife. The hotel offers spectacular views of the Teno Massif and the Atlantic Ocean horizon.

    Meeting point

    Ecotravelers opinions

    What a relaxing day !!! The site is very beautiful and is very careful. I gave this spa to my partner and we really enjoyed it. There are many different water jets, each to emphasize in specific areas of the body. There is also a steam sauna, ice bucket, etc. very complete and the site is quiet

    Vicky R. Gallardo

    *NOTE: all opinions have been translated trying to keep them the exact way they were written in spanish. Thank you all!