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Snorkeling alongside turtles and manta rays by the cliffs of El Palmar

This independent route has been created with care by experts in the native marine wildlife who aim to offer an extraordinary experience in these three hours. Created for small groups, lovers of the Canary Islands’ wildlife who are respectful of the environment. It takes place in the waters of the municipality of Arona, the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands).

The route in seven moments

  1. Depart from Puerto de las Galletas. The route starts in Puerto de las Galletas. There, a small boat that seats a maximum of ten people, will leave and sail for 30 minutes through the zone of Malpais de la Rasca. This is a protected nature reserve where there are beautiful volcanic landscapes and natural coves. The guide for the route, an expert in the area, will offer explanations throughout the route. Large boats are not allowed access to this protected zone.
  2. Drop anchor by the Cliffs of El Palmar. The boat will drop anchor in a special area where a large number of native birds nest. This place is privileged spot for bird watching. A recommendation: bring binoculars.
  3. All the equipment to go snorkelling. At this point the guide will distribute the equipment to the participants: diving goggles, snorkels, flippers and wet suits that offer better floatability, safety and comfort than a lifejacket. This wetsuit will also better maintain body heat during the hour that you will be in the water.
  4. Free training in snorkelling. For those members of the group that have never tried snorkelling before, the guide will offer a free lesson on how to use the equipment.
  5. The ideal time for animal watching. Our guide will ask the group to enter the water at the perfect moment to see turtles and manta rays. In addition, the guide, knowledgeable in the marine ecosystem, will accompany the participants throughout the tour.
  6. Enjoy the experience while respecting the animals. Throughout one hour you can enjoy the marine life, swim alongside the turtles and manta rays of the ‘bull ray’ variety that live in the zone. You can also see schools of fish of the marine wildlife most representative of the Canaries: bogas, damselfish, viejas, white seabream, etc.
    Participants should respect the animals, maintaining the necessary distance. This activity is run in small groups and with an expert guide precisely to minimise the impact on the environment.
  7. Photo journal. Throughout the experience, we will take high quality photos to record the memory of the experience. We offering to you this photo journal for 20€ (optional).

Note: The port of departure could change to ‘Los Cristianos’ if the sea conditions make it necessary.

At a glance

Time:09:00 Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday
Languages: Spanish, English
Time to book in advance: 4 days
Number of people: 2-6
Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours approx. Time in the water: 1h
Perfect for: Friends, Families
Intensity: Medium
City: San Miguel de Abona/Arona

It includes

Senda Ecoway promise: The sighting is respectful with the species and the enviroment.
 All snorkelling equipment: wet suit, flippers, mask and snorkel.
Assured safety of the activity.
Transfer to the port. (both ways).
Expert instructor to accompany you throughout the snorkelling.
Optional photo journal (worth €20).
Lesson in snorkelling (for those who wish to have one).
Meeting point


  • Transfer in rib boat for private groups €490
  • Does not require prior knowledge
  • Suitable for ages 8 and above
  • Does not require previous snorkelling experience
  • Subject to cancellation if the weather is unsuitable

Additional information

snorkeling con tortugas
snorkeling con tortugas

Tour Reviews


We had a great time snorkelling with the turtles who swam so close to us that we could see eye-to-eye and beautiful details of their shells. We learnt that touching them is harmful to the coating that protects them from the sun as our knowledgeable guide Elio explained to us. This was a very special experience indeed, one that we will never forget and that we strongly recommend. The kids loved it and learnt to respect the turtles’ environment and lifestyle. The boat trip was also great fun, leaving from the friendly fishing village of Las Galletas and riding the big waves that are created by currents joining up from three different directions. The beautiful protected coast, free from any construction was not short of breathtaking, an unexpected bonus! There are many more stories and anecdotes that you will discover on this trip. Well done Sendaecoway and Ocean Friends. We will be back!


Excellant morning. Will recommend to friends

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