Gran Canaria
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Cruising on a sailboat along the south coast of Gran Canaria

Sail along the coasts of Gran Canaria and discover hidden beaches and cliffs. This sailing trip will not leave you indifferent: You can bathe in virgin coves, enjoy a special menu on board and you may spot dolphins in their natural environment!

The Senda step by step

1. Departure from Puerto de Mogán. We will meet at Puerto de Mogán from where we will prepare to come aboard Antaviana, a beautiful 17-meter sailboat completely equipped with all the amenities to live a unique experience.

2. Captain and sailor on board. We will count on the experience and instructions of a specialized captain and sailor in order to be safe during our journey on Antaviana.

3. 6-hour journey. Once on board, our adventure will begin. The journey on board lasts 6 hours, we will sail from morning to afternoon. The sailboat usually goes to  south west because it is the most virgin and preserved area. There, we will see small beaches and spectacular cliffs. Sometimes, if the weather let us, the sailboat reaches the famous Gui-Gui beach. During the journey, we will skirt magnificent cliffs, chat with skipper and sailor about marine life

4. Walk through natural landscapes. During the trip we will enjoy the wonderful views of natural cliffs in the south of the island of Gran Canaria. In addition, we will visit beautiful virgin beaches as Veneguera beach or Los Secos beach, and we could swim in the famous beach GüiGüi.

5. Snorkeling in coves. In addition to visit the coastal nature of the island we can snorkel in its beautiful coves as long as time allows.

6. Possible sighting of dolphins and turtles. The natural areas through where we will sail are the migratory habitat of marine animals such as dolphins and turtles. For this reason, it is quite possible that we can spot this marine fauna in its natural environment although we will have to be especially attentive to see them.

7. Food and drink included on board. Our journey includes food and drink on board. You can choose the menu that you prefer on request, such as paella. Our menu usually consists on Canarias tapas, cheese and cold meats, as well as Spanish omelette and cold beers or Canarian wine. Finally, we will have fruit or ice cream for dessert.

At a glance Schedule: between 10:00 and 10:30
Languages: English, Spanish.
Booking advanced notice: 12 h.
Number of people: 1-10
Duration: 3h.
Ideal for: Friends, Family, Couples
Intensity: Low.
Town: Puerto de Mogán
What’s included 6h of crossing through natural landscapes.
Skipper and sailor.
Food and drink on board.
Bath in beautiful coves.
Possible sighting of cetaceans.
Meeting Point
  • If the wind is favorable we sail, otherwise we use engine.
  • You can request a special menu with extra charge.


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