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Poema Del Mar |

From 25€ per person・Includes entrance to the aquarium

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Poema del Mar Gran Canaria🗨 Misty (Turtle): Hi everyone! Today in Poema del Mar you will discover a rich and incredible underwater world, an aquarium that accurately recreates various ecosystems of the planet: jungle, reef and deep ocean. You will see corals, shoals of fishes, stingray and turtles just like me! An exciting activity for adults as well for children!


Poema del Mar- An Aquarium that Promotes The Conservation of Endangered Species

Welcome to Poema del Mar, a singular aquarium, where you can observe a great variety of marine species from all over the world, in a place dedicated to the conservation of endangered species and the protection of biodiversity, from which stand out loggerhead sea turtles, hammer sharks and Atlantic angel sharks that you will see while visiting the aquarium. An unforgettable day in the marine world accompanied by Misty and her friends!

The Senda step by step

From the very first step in Poema del Mar you will be blown away by the beauty of all the species in the different parts of the aquarium. While strolling by, you will discovering fascinating animals and you will learn about the environment and how to take care of our oceans through signs set out along the path. Poema del Mar is divided in three areas that you will explore during the visit: the jungle, in which live dangerous species such as crocodiles and scorpions, and some much more pacific like disc fish or pig-nosed turtles; you will then walk through the Reef zone, an area where the kids can gaze at fishes and almost touch them. Finally, the deep ocean area, home of crabs, smooth trunkfish, ribbon eel and sea-horses. If you feel like hungry or thirsty, Nestor’s restaurant or Lobby’s café will welcome you to have a break. The last but not the least, the souvenir shop offers a wide range of gifts to never forget that incredible day!

At a glance:

Hours: everyday from 9:00 to 18:00.
Languages: Spanish.
Booking notice required: 24 hours.
Number of people: de 1 a 20.
Duration: 2 hours.
Ideal for: Single, Friends, Families, Couples
Intensity: Low
Town: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

What’s included:

Entrance to Poema del Mar.

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