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Tenerife Hiking Trails: The Top 3 Places You Should Visit

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Aaaaahhh Tenerife! Such a beautiful island. Its volcano, its beaches, and of course, its hiking trails!! There are many trails crossing the different landscapes of the volcanic island, from walking into the mounts of Anaga to climbing the Teide and enjoying a sunrise that will literally blow your mind! In Tenerife, there are some trekking paths for every taste, whether you are a fond of sportive hiking or you simply want to discover the island walking in great outdoors. Today we present you 3 of the most beautiful places to visit around the island, and you definitely will find a path that suits your pace as Tenerife counts more than 150 official hiking trails!

Hiking in El Teide

Tenerife Hiking Trails - El Teide
El Teide is the staple hiking spot in Tenerife!

The star hiking spot in Tenerife! The Teide is the highest mount in Spain and peaks at 3,718 metres above sea level and is known worldwide for its trekking trail. Usually, hikers climb it up during the afternoon, then stay overnight in a refugee close to the top, and then make it to the top on the next morning to enjoy a stunning sunrise. If you’re lucky and there are no clouds, you can spot all the Canary Islands from the viewpoint! Please note that the trail is regulated by the town council of Tenerife and you’ll need a permit to access to the top. You can find more info about this permit on the Spanish national park official website. 

Hiking in Anaga

Tenerife Hiking Trails - Anaga
The undergrowth of Anaga looks almost unreal.

A beautiful forest in the Northern part of the island waits for you! Anaga woods are part of a biosphere reserve thanks to the richness of its biodiversity and its endemic species both vegetal and animal. Various trails will please both professional and casual hikers, from strolling around the forest – for the one that want to take it easy – to walking back and forth to the coast visit Anaga’s lighthouse – for the bravest among you! You will find on our webpage a guided hiking tour, starting in the mount of Pico del Inglés towards the coast of Taganana. An incredible experience for sure!

Hiking in Masca

Tenerife Hiking Trails - Masca
The trails will take you from the village of Masca to the Atlantic Ocean.

It could not be an article about hiking in Tenerife without mentioning the great hiking trail of Masca! An incredible journey in a barranco (ravine) starting in the village of Masca and finishing on the beach close to the cliffs of Los Gigantes. Many hikers then choose to go by taxi-boat to Los Gigantes and are amazed by the height of the acantilados (cliffs) when the boat get close to the shore. Other hikers decide to hike it up back to Masca, it’s a bit hard but definitely worth it since you can enjoy the barranco from an other perspective.

Are you a hiking lover too and your favourite spot doesn’t appear in the upper list? Let us know and the others trekkers your best hiking trails in the comments below! And if you are interested in spending your Holidays in the Canary Islands we recommend you this article!


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