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A walk through the clouds of symbolism

According to Baudelaire the poet is able to decipher “the forest of symbols” in which we live, the “confused words” that surround us, and to establish those relationships, or correspondences, between perfumes, colors and sounds. We propose you to practice for a day and find those “correspondences” while you travel the peaks of Gran Canaria and enjoy contemplating the magnificent sea of clouds. What are you waiting to reserve this Senda and cross to the other side “reader, my fellow, my brother …”? (To continue with Baudelaire’s words).

The tour in 7 moments

  • Departure from the according hotel. We will meet at the scheduled meeting point to start the tour.
  • Small groups. The groups of this activity will always be reduced (from 2 to 8 people). In this way we guarantee that the experience will be more personal and intense for all.
  • Road to the summit. We will walk through Barranco de los Albarianes and Las Niñas dam to head towards Ayacata where we will make a brief stop.
  • Llegada al Pico de las Nieves. Al llegar al Pico de las Nieves, una de las zonas más altas de la isla de Gran Canaria, podremos disfrutar de las maravillosas vistas de la cumbre. Al mismo tiempo nuestro guía nos interpretará el paisaje y nos contará detalles de la zona y la cultura autóctona. Además, desde este punto podremos observar, a vista de pájaro, la ruta que vamos a realizar.
  • Arrival at Pico de las Nieves. Upon reaching Pico de las Nieves, one of the highest areas of the island of Gran Canaria, we can enjoy the wonderful views of the summit. At the same time our guide will explain the landscape and tell us details of the area and the local culture. In addition, from this point we can see, from a bird’s eye view, the route we are going to do.
  • Senderismo desde Los Llanos de la Pez. Cuando llegamos a Los Llanos comenzaremos a caminar por un sendero muy agradable bajo la sombra de los pinos canarios. Durante el trayecto recorreremos la cuenca de Tejeda con su impresionante y típico “mar de nubes”.
  • Hiking from Los Llanos de la Pez. When we arrive at Los Llanos we will start walking along a very nice path under the shade of the Canarian pines. During the journey we will visit Tejeda basin with its impressive and typical “sea of clouds”.
  • Visit to Ventana del Nublo. We will continue ascending until we reach Ventana del Nublo, a spectacular rock formation with amazing views of the two most important rocks of the island: Roque Nublo, symbol of Gran Canaria, and Roque Bentayga, a place of worship of the aborigines who inhabited the island before the conquest.
  • Picnic in the Ventana del Nublo. There, in addition to observing the landscape, we can rest and take a snack consisting of an energetic bar or fruit and an isotonic drink.

At a glance

Hour: 9h45 – 16h45.
Languages: Spanish, English.
Booking notice required: 24 h
Number of people: 2-8
Duration: 4h (including stops) + 3h round trip.
Ideal for: Friends, Couples, Families
Intensity: Medium
 Town: Tejeda

What’s included?

7-hour tour with official guide
Soft ascents and descents
 Visit to Ventana del Nublo, including Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga.
Ascent to the summit of Gran Canaria, with stunning Teide views

Meeting Point

  • Hotel THe Anamar Suites
  • Hotel THe Koala Garden
  • Hotel THe Los Calderones
  • Hotel THe Puerto de Mogán

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