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Canarian food in La Orotava – Bodegón El Caserío y El Barranquillo

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Canary Islands gastronomy: taste typical Canarian food

Typical Canarian food departs from Spanish gastronomy, due to its cultural roots and temperatures that are very different from those of the Peninsula. The dishes of the Canarian gastronomy are marked by strong and powerful flavors of Latin American and African origin, and to a large extent, take reference from Venezuelan gastronomy, due to the great migration that took place.

These two restaurants, both located in the north of the island, specifically in La Perdoma, are dedicated to highlighting typical Canarian food, with a very local, home-made concept, beautiful presentations and a very familiar atmosphere.

Bodegón El Caserío

“Bodegón el Caserío” is an excellent place, decorated in the Canarian style, where you can taste good Canarian cuisine and authentic homemade food. This restaurant has several dining rooms and reserved for groups or couples. It also has a large terrace with views towards the summits and vineyards of the beautiful La Orotava Valley. In addition, Carmen, the chef, is a specialist in typical Canarian cauldron food and a wonderful wood-burning grill.

This still life has a well-kept secret gastronomic recipe: positive reviews from diners ensure that the best sirloin steaks in Tenerife are found there. Another gastronomic secret of this Still Life is the Octopus sauteed with Sweet Potato, a special dish unique and exclusive to the Caserío. They will also leave you breathless with their grilled meats.

Bodegón El Barranquillo

Located in La Perdoma, in the heart of the beautiful La Orotava Valley, Bodegón El Barranquillo is a beautiful and cozy Canarian-style restaurant with a terrace for outdoor enthusiasts. This restaurant with Canarian food in Tenerife is a wood-fired grill specializing in pig meat, Canarian black pig, secret and bichillo. They are also specialists in typical Canarian caldero food such as escaldón de gofio, chickpeas and the delicious goat meat. They also have a cook, Mary, who makes homemade desserts to lick the fingers.

Select your menu and enjoy Canarian gastronomy in Tenerife

El Caserío Bodegón – Menú For Two

Starter: Mushrooms overflowed
Main course (to share): our famous Puntas de solomillo or roasted octopus with sweet potatoes

Drinks: House Red (wine), water, soda or cane beer
Dessert (to share): delicious homemade dessert of your choice
Price: 28,95€ / 2 people

Bodegón el Barranquillo – Menú For Two

Starters (2 a elegir): Queso asado con miel de palma y arándanos, croquetas de atún y espinacas o ropa vieja
Principal (para compartir): Chuleta de cochino negro con papas sorpresa o Bichillo de cerdo a la brasa
Bebida: Vino tinto de la casa, agua, refresco o cerveza de caña
Postre (para compartir): delicioso postre casero a su elección

Precio: 29,95€ / 2 personas

El Caserío Bodegón – Menú grupos

Entrantes: Queso Asados, escaldón, croquetas de la casa
Principal: Parrillada con pollo, bistec, chuleta de cerdo, chorizo parrillero y chistorras, acompañada de papas fritas
Postres: Delicioso surtido de postres caseros
Bebida limitada: 2 cañas/pax o 1 refresco grande, 1 agua grande, 1 botella de vino de la casa (cada 4 personas)

Price: Bebida limitada 15€ – Bebida ilimitada 17€

(En la Opción Grupos, contáctanos para reservar)


At a glance:

 Opening hours: Caserío El Baranquillo (Monday to saturday from 13:00 to 16:30 and 19:30 to 23:00. Sundays from 12:30 to 17:00) – Caserío El Caserón (Monday to Thursday from 13:00 to 16:30 and 19:30 to 23:00. Friday to Sunday (13:00 to 23:00)
 Languages: Spanish, English.
 Booking notice required: 12 hours.
 Ideal for: Couples.
 Town: La Orotava, Tenerife.

What’s included?

 Traditional Canarian food in one of the best traditional restaurants in La Orotava, to choose between:

  • Canarian menu for two in Bodegón El Caserío.
  • Canarian menu for two in Bodegón El Barranquillo.
  • Canarian menu for groups in Bodegón El Caserío.

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