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Wine tour in Lanzarote: Vineyards, wines and cheeses

€56 per person ・ 4 hours ・ Includes wine and cheese tasting



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Full day wine tasting tour

This tour is a cultural journey through the production of wine from La Geria, a unique inherited science, which will teach us the particularity of these vineyards. You will taste a selection of wines from three of the best historic wineries in Lanzarote (Bodegas Rubicón, El Grifo and Los Bermejos) within the La Geria wine region, a protected landscape unlike any other in the world.

This excursion is educational with a deep focus on geology and culture, linked to the production of wine in Lanzarote. You will also learn about the generations of people who have worked for centuries to develop the vineyards of Lanzarote.


1. Bodegas Rubicón

To know the history of Bodegas Rubicón we must go back to 1570. In Bodegas Rubicón, the wines will be Rubicón seco (dry), Rubicón semi seco (dry) and Rubicón dulce (sweet). They will be accompanied by another one of the gastronomic jewels of the Canary Islands: Lanzarote's goat cheese. As a tasting, semi-cured, cured or fresh El Faro cheese is offered; with distinctions in contests like the last “World Cheese Award”.

2. El Grifo

The oldest winery in the Canary Islands and among the ten oldest in Spain. It has been producing wines continuously since 1775 in the same winery in El Grifo. In El Grifo there is a free/unguided visit to its museum and we will taste 3 wines, accompanied by cheese.

3. Los Bermejos

Bodega Los Bermejos Logo For several centuries it belonged to one of the most important families in Lanzarote. With the new century, it was given a new pulse, within a few years occupying the oenological head of the island. This visit consists of a half-hour tour where you start in the vineyards learning the context in which the wines of the island are born, continuing inside the winery with a brief explanation of the elaboration process and concluding in the store to learn its variety of wines. At the end of the visit, each person has a tasting of two wines of choice and a tapa of cheese and bizcocho.

Contemplate, breathe, feel and rejuvenate


In 1500, the Cortijo (farm) de La Geria was one of the most precious and rich on the island of Lanzarote. No one imagined that soon hell would break loose in Timanfaya and long years of volcanic eruptions would devastate villages and farm fields modifying the landscape forever.

After years of struggle, losses and expansions, generation after generation, the desire to involve visitors in a piece of the history of Lanzarote continues.

In the words of César Manrique:

«It's about living for the future, contributing to building a clean, intelligent, alternative quality of life. We must not falter, we must keep going, be vigilant and keep the critical consciousness alive, because the future is never achieved, we have to do it from the present. It is about making the tourism industry coexist with the defence of the territory and its own culture. And that coexistence is possible, but, above all, necessary, obligatory to not live with backs to the future. »



Today, Senda takes you to visit 3 wineries, whose historical-artistic heritage has more than three centuries of history and is backed by hundreds of awards. The wineries we visit have the quality assurance Designation of Origin Lanzarote and are awarded annually in the most prestigious international wine competitions: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Decanter Awards, Berliner Wein Trophy, Vinalies Internationales, Concours International de Lyon and AWC Vienna.



Lanzarote cheese has been an important part of the island's culture and tradition. Cheese making has been a practice that the farmer has used to conserve milk surplus.

In Lanzarote, cheese is made mainly from goat's milk, specifically from the island`s own Majorera race.

Fresh cheese, soft cheese, semi-cured cheese, cured cheese and signature cheese are the main varieties that you can find of Lanzarote cheeses.

A trip for all the senses

We will start our trip in the Valley of la Geria located in the heart of the island. An overwhelming landscape of lava and mantles of volcanic characteristics of Lanzarote.

In this wine tour we will tell you the history of the island and how the locals have managed to turn the aridity of the Lanzarote landscape into an advantage for the cultivation of the vine, using a unique method that has made La Geria a Protected Natural Area.

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You will also taste the finishes of this practice. La Geria, the heart of Lanzarote. In this lunar landscape, where the Timanfaya volcano spewed ash and rocks for the last time in the 18th century, a grape is grown in a way unique to this world: to protect fruits from wind and sun, the vine is planted in holes of "picón" (volcanic ash) surrounded by walls of volcanic stones, called “enarenados” (like sand pit).

The grapes are collected during the months of July and August, to make a wine, mainly white, with golden reflections and floral effluvium known as Malvasía. We have prepared two spaces for tasting that will vary depending on the weather: embraced by the vineyards or between barrels inside the cellar.


Do you want to hire our car service with driver?

A high-end car with qualified personnel will come to pick you up at Hotel La Isla y El Mar. All cars are equipped with leather upholstery, automatic, dual zone climate control, image player and telephone. Take care and enjoy what you will see through the car window and of your companion. Book this option by asking via our chat or at your hotel reception.

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Do you prefer to arrive in your own transportation?

In this case we suggest you don’t miss stopping at the “Monumento al campesino“ (Peasant Monument). You will see it on your way to the Finca. This is the incredible monument of César Manrique, which he dedicated to the fecundity and the struggle that the inhabitants of Lanzarote have carried out all their lives to be able to obtain fruits from the earth, in a territory that a priori seems impossible to exploit.

At a glance:

Hours: from 12:00 to 16:00.
Languages: Spanish, English.
Time to book in advance: 2 days.
Number of people: 2 to 15.
Duration: approx. 4h.
Ideal for: Single, Friends, Families, Couples.
Intensidad: Baja.
Place: Lanzarote.

What's included: 

Self-guided tour with 3 stops: 90 minutes guided current winery tour, Wine and Vineyard Museum in Bodegas Rubicón, entrance to the El Grifo museum and 30 minutes guided tour through vineyards and winery in Bodegas Los Bermejos.
Tasting of 8 different wines at Bodegas Rubicón, El Grifo and Bermejo.
Tasting of goat cheese and sponge cake in each cellar to accompany the wines.
Carbon footprint compensation. 


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