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Art and Nature Artists workshop in Lanzarote

€120 per person · 1:30 hours · Includes toast with champagne and chocolates



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Rufina Santana, Paco and Néstor Curbelo: Hello! We have a passion: art. Welcome to our centre with several creation studios, an art gallery and a sculpture garden with native plant species. An open space to share with lovers of Art, Nature and Spirituality.


Celebrating Life and Art

Rufina Santana, Paco and Néstor Curbelo open the doors of their house-workshop so that you get to know their work and dedication. It is a unique space where these three professional artists develop a venture for the growth of art and culture in their community.
Meet the house of a family of artists in the town of San Bartolomé in the centre of the island, the space designed and built by the protagonists themselves combines their original personality and lifestyle with the laws of Lanzarote’s traditional architectural style.

The tour by steps

Reception. The artist couple, Rufina Santana (painter) and Paco Curbelo (sculptor), open the doors of their house and studios in San Bartolomé to share their work and different lifestyle with visitors. The experience begins with the reception of the visitors by art historian Estefania Camejo, who will offer a glass of local sparkling cava and artisan sweets or chocolates made in Lanzarote.

Contextualization. Next, an explanation of the artists’ trajectory and the visited space is given. We proceed to the guided visit of the studios and their works. A tour between ocean blue, volcanic landscapes, delicate marbles and beautiful basalts that guard yearnings, anecdotes and experiences that materialize the personal and professional journey of these artists

Farewell. The visit ends with a toast and chat together, after which a souvenir foil of the visit, signed by the artist will be presented



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At a glance:

Hours: Wednesday from 10:00 to 17:00 (select time period of 1:30 hours).
Language: Spanish, English.
Time to book in advance: 2 days.
Number of people: from 1 to 5 people.
Duration: 1 hour and a half.
Ideal for: Singles, Friends, Couples.
Intensity: Low.
Place: San Bartolomé, Lanzarote.

What´s included

Glass of local sparkling cava and artisan sweets or chocolates made in Lanzarote.
Narrated visit to the house, studios and works of the artists.
Souvenir of the visit signed by the artist.

Meeting point


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