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Underwater Museum in Lanzarote

195€ per person・8 hours・Includes theoretical and practical lessons, snacks



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Museo sumarino de Lanzarote- 🗨 Eva (Scuba Diving Instructor): How can I say it? Scuba diving literally changed my life and I’m very excited to show you the connection between the ocean and the animals that live around this Underwater Museum in Lanzarote. Give scuba diving a try and you will be hooked, trust me!

Discover Scuba Diving in Museo Atlántico, the first underwater museum in Europe!

Do you often have the desire to experience something new in unique places? Learn to scuba dive in a museum! Sounds quite weird, isn’t it? But yes, that’s true. For your first time underwater, you will be swimming among shoals of endemic fishes such as “bocinero”, “cherne” or maybe the infamous butterfly stingray; not forgetting the various sculptures and the message behind them: the drama of immigration, the misuse of natural resources, but always with a beacon of hope.

The try dive courses don’t require any previous experience and a qualified instructor will assist you from start to finish: without any doubts, you’ll enjoy your dive to the fullest!

Underwater Art – the Museo Atlantico of Lanzarote from Andrea Politi on Vimeo.

The Atlantic Museum is a one-of-a-kind museum in the Canary Islands – and to a greater extent, in the world! Various pH neutral works of art especially designed to boost aquatic life have been dropped off on the bottom of the sea. Since 2016, when the underwater museum was first created in Lanzarote, presence of fishes in the area has risen and the sculptures have become unconventional reefs. Sounds cool right? Well, live it by your own!

The Senda step by step

  1. First dive: We will give you a theoretical lesson where the diving basics will be settled down such as security, what to do and not to do, so your first dive can be as smooth as posible. Right after the lesson we are going to put it in practice in Playa Flamingo.
  2. Second dive: We will go back to the cristal clear water of Playa Flamingo, where your instructor will carry you 12 metres underwater to practice a few more security exercises and other advanced diving techniques.
  3. Break: After the two first dives, we are going to have a break in our diving centre, where you’ll be able to enjoy a snack on our terrace and rest a moment before going back like new for your final dive!
  4. Discover Scuba Diving: We are ready to Discover Scuba Diving! We will head to Museo Atlántico, a mind blowing museum in Lanzarote. A wonderful submerged world made of various works of art, home of fishes, reefs and other sea animals. You won’t regret having chosen this spot for your first scuba diving experience!

At a glance:

Hour: from 08:00 a.m  to 16:30 p.m  – everyday.
Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan.
Booking notice required: 3 days.
Number of people: 1 to 4.
Duration: 8h30 Aprox.
Ideal for: Friends, Couples, Families.
Intensity: Low.
Town: Playa Flamingo, Lanzarote.
Attention! You will need to wait at least 24 hours after completing your dives to travel off the island by plane.

What’s included?

3 dives.
Little groups: 2 scuba divers – 1 instructor.
Museum entrance + boat.
Full scuba diving gear.
Special discount in our diving shop.
Organic snacks in between the dives.
Playground for children in our diving center.

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