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Starting out from the Casona del Patio in Santiago del Teide, you will follow routes which the most daring of us have dreamed of. Volcano, lava, forest, all against the backdrop of the blue sea …. All landscapes are possible in South Tenerife!!!
Led by top instructors, you will enjoy an incredible experience on horseback in unique surroundings from the moment you set out. Everything about Santiago del Teide is magical.

The Chinyero volcano wants to share its story with us. A few metres from its craters it will tell us how it was the last volcanic eruption in Tenerife and will demonstrate this through its beautiful lavas.

The famously dense Canarian pine forests allow you to ride through them on horseback and discover the secrets of how local families lived prior to the eruption. The Lava Calvary, which marks the spot where the spewing lava came to a halt, will surprise you as an offering of thanksgiving to the volcano for ceasing its eruption.

Local flora and fauna, including the common buzzard perched on century plants, dance to your tune as the horses make their way along the route.
A glass of wine in a typical Guachinche eatery in south Tenerife goes down wonderfully during the brief break in San José de Los Llanos and if Don Antonio, who has the best wine in the area, joins you also it will cap a fantastic experience.

To round off the trek through the almond trees, the Casona del Patio will welcome you back in the sweetest way: you will discover the wonderful taste of the homemade nougat which they make on the premises using local almonds.
As they say here in the Canaries: “que aproveche!” (Enjoy!).

Additional information

Hours 10:00 – 13:00
Meeting point Hotel La Casona del Patio
Number of people from 2 to 3
Town Santiago del Teide
Languages Spanish, English
Booking notice required At least 48 hours

Guided 3-hour horse trek

Interpreter-guide and riding instructor

Wine tasting in a typical Canarian guachinche restaurant

Homemade nougat


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