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Discovering Windsurf in Gran Canaria

39€ per person・2 hours・Includes discounts in surfshop



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🗨 Yaiza (Windsurf Instructor): Not sure if windsurf is for you or not? Give it a try in Bahía de Formas! From January to December, the weather is always on point for you to discover windsurfing, a sport that requires strength, agility and stamina. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a fond of gliding sports, practicing windsurf in Gran Canaria will give you thrilling and exciting feelings!

Discover Windsurf in Gran Canaria, one of the best spot in Europe!

Did you know that Gran Canaria is a standard for windsurf lovers all over the globe? With Senda Ecoway, here’s your chance to experience windsurfing for the first time in Bahía de Formas, an amazing spot adapted for beginners! The wind blows constantly on this beach, offering watersports lovers optimum conditions to practice their hobby all year long.

“One of the absolute Meccas of Windsurfing in Europe!” This is how beach-inspector – one of the most famous beach ranking website – describes Gran Canaria. No doubt that you’re going to have a blast riding its waves and enjoying its perfect wind.

The Senda step by step

Our discovering windsurf activity is the best way to experience for the first time windsurfing. The activity will take place in Bahía de Formas, always depending on weather conditions. From day one, you’ll be in the water and you’ll learn how to perform turns, using the basic equipment components and how to assemble it. You will be all set up to enjoy your first moments on a windsurf board!

At a glance:

Hours: from 11:00 to 13:00 – everyday.
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian.
Booking notice required: 2 days.
Number of people: 1 to 10.
Duration: 2h aprox.
Ideal for: Friends, Families.
Intensity: Low
Town: Bahía de Formas, Gran Canaria.

What’s included?

Discovering windsurfing for 2 hours.
Specialised and multilingual instructors.
Small groups: 2-3 people per monitor.
Specific gear (windsurf board, sail, harness…).
Security gear (wet suit, life jacket, helmet…).
Gear insurance.
Special discount bonuses to rent gear.

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