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Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy Las Palmas | Regenerate Your Body

40€ per person・1:30 hours・Includes hyperbaric therapy


1 sesión
Bono 5 sesiones
Bono 10 sesiones

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🗨 Paloma (Miembro del equipo): If you could get an hyperoxygenation of all the cells of your body, absorbing 100% of the O2, what would happen? You will feel the benefits of the hyperoxigenation soon after having entered the hyperbaric chamber. Come to regenerate your body in our center in Las Palmas!

90 minutes to Benefit From the Pure Oxygen

Hyperbaric medicine has become in the last ten years a therapy largely used to cure a wide range of diseases as well as combatting ageing. The process consists in a chamber where the level of oxygen is three times more elevated than the normal, so the person can enjoy the benefits of the hyperoxigenation, such as reducing sports injures, regenerate the tissues, the bones and the muscles or slow down ageing for example.

The Senda step by step

The senda begins in our center, where you will be welcome by a profesional and a friendly staff. You will then be explained the benefits of hyperoxygenation and how to maximise its benefits. After this short briefing you will enter the chamber for a 90 minutes session where you’ll enjoy the benefits of the pure oxygen and the calm of the chamber to regenerate all the parts of your body: tissues, bones, muscles…

At a glance:

Hours: from 9:00 to 21:00 – Monday to Friday.
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian.
Booking notice required: 1 day.
Number of people: 1.
Duration: 90 minutes.
Ideal for: Single person (you need to be 18 or over it to do this activity).
Intensity: Low.
Town: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

What’s included?

90 minutes session in an hyperbaric chamber.
Professional team to accompany you.

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