What is Senda

Senda Ecoway is an interface between travellers and experts in responsible tourism. An online platform for sustainable tourism experiences. Senda Ecoway’s goal is to serve as a portal for tourism experiences based at all times on a common concept: sustainable mobility. From traditional aspects such as hiking and sailing to electric cars and motorcycles…

Our Mission

To help environmentally conscious tourists enjoy holidays in a responsible manner and in genuine contact with the destination.

Nuestro Equipo

Lola R de Azero


My lengthy experience in the tourism sector has enabled me to witness the changes undergone in tourist habits and behaviour. I have also learnt to identify threats and weaknesses and turn them into opportunities. My work in Senda Ecoway is to supervise and coordinate the different areas of the company, develop new markets and manage relations with our suppliers to guarantee the quality of our service.

Andrés Brito

Operations Manager

The world of travel has always awakened desire in me on a personal level, so much so that the time came to learn how to join up all the various elements that make a trip possible by studying for a degree in tourism. My aim in Senda Ecoway is to “make things happen”. I am in charge of operations management, route planning and handling the commercial side. I will normally be the person who clarifies any queries you may have.

We, like you, are romantic travellers. We have a perfect understanding of the richness that travelling brings and the pleasure of discovering the essence of the places we visit.

We want this platform to help environmentally conscious visitors to plan activities that are both original and eco-friendly.

We believe in a new travel model based on sustainability yet does not entail any loss of excitement.

We design our experiences as something exclusive. We seek out remote locations and want you to experience for yourself the local culture of the destinations you visit. We want you to feel like a guest, not a mere tourist, wherever you go.

We want you to feel, to experience, to participate, and to revel in yourself and those accompanying you on your trip.

Drawing all these strands together marks the startd of this exciting project. Our primary commitment is to foster sustainable mobility and enable visitors to get to know our holiday destinations from a more human and personal perspective, showing due consideration at all times for the natural environment which we draw on.