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What our customers say


It was an incredible experience at Teide. Seeing the stars with the telescope was amazing and one of my favorite moments of this “senda”

– Ann


I gave this experience to my partner and we had a good relaxation day. We enjoyed a lot with the different jets of water that serve for each part of the body. There is also a steam sauna. It is a very nice and quiet place.



The snorkeling was really cool, we got in touch with huge turtles and saw rays!! The instructor always looked for animals to show us.


Unique experiences designed for you

Sendaecoway offers unique experiences: Excursions through forest and marine paradises, paragliding flights, wine tastings at sunset in El Teide. Sustainable experiences such as horse and bike rides or a batucada at the edge of the sea or adventures such as surfing on the beaches of the Canary Islands.

Our mission is that you can be the protagonist of a movie or that you could photograph the most fascinating places of La Palma to keep them in your memory.

Nature become accessible to those with mobility problems and that it is possible to enjoy the Canary Islands as a family and from sustainability, always taking into account respect for the environment.

Sendaecoway’s commitment is to give you unique experiences in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or El Hierro, built with love and based on our knowledge of the Canary Islands: We want to offer you a cocktail of incomparable sensations.

We want to offer you, in short, Author Tourism.

Sendaecoway Commitment

In Senda, you will find the best sustainable tourism experiences.

Our select selection of experiences offer authenticity, immersion and local reality; innovation and creativity; nature, sport, culture and gastronomy; social volunteering and cooperation; minimization of environmental impact, sustainable mobility and connection with the environment.

Senda’s experiences are also a guarantee of emotion, originality, pleasure, learning and comfort. Because to make a Path is to enjoy a unique day, with activities combined exclusively and with a thematic sense.

Anything else? Yes, our commitment to the Senda community is to trust suppliers with prestigious references that meet all quality standards. They are exclusive tourism service providers that offer unusual tourist products, comply with the law and are specialists in their field.

Now comes the best. Senda is a company with corporate social responsibility. We condemn the progressive deterioration of our planet caused by the exploitation of natural resources and tourist overcrowding, so we commit ourselves to offset the carbon footprint caused by each of the activities you buy with us.

Welcome Ecotravelers.

Sustainable tourism

Make a tourist enjoy a high degree of environmental awareness of a responsible holiday and in real contact with the destination.

Senda Ecoway designs and markets tourist experiences with low environmental impact. Therefore, our web platform offers tourist experiences that enhance sustainability and real contact with the destination.

Our commitment lies in remaining almost imperceptible in the local natural ecosystem, while enjoying the destination. This environmental commitment is sketched by generating activities with minimal impact, and the impact generated during the activities, the well-known “Carbon Footprint”, is compensated by allocating capital to habitat protection or repopulation activities.

How do we compensate for the carbon footprint?

One of our differentiating axes is sustainable mobility. The Paths will be carried out, preferably, in sustainable transport, either on foot, by sailboat or in electric transport.

But in those experiences in which it is not possible to offer a sustainable transport, from Senda we compensate the carbon footprint.

Compensation process

  1. Calculation of your CO2 emissions
  2. Sustainable Project Selection
  3. Compensation of your CO2 emissions