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Hiking El Hierro | Conscious Walk

38€ per person・3 hours・Includes hiking guide, snacks



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Hiking El Hierro 🗨 Paolo (Hiking Guide): When walking in nature we turn our attention inward through movement and breath awareness while not trying to change anything because we can not control the external environment, but we can absorb the gifts of the earth. During our hiking we will focus on that aspect. Come with us and enjoy a very special moment in harmony with nature!

Hiking El Hierro | Conscious Walk

This hike is not only about walking in beautiful landscapes, it’s way more than that. While hiking in El Hierro, you’ll get into a state of consciousness that restores your body and your soul. Not only you can relax and thereby combat the effects of stress, anxiety and worry, but gradually your mind and your body will experience a deep sense of peace. In El Hierro, time passes slowly. Far away from busy city lifestyle, you will feel there tranquillity, meet warm and friendly people and you will have plenty of time to slow down a bit. Let’s enjoy this wonderful hike in an unique place!

The Senda step by step

We will meet in Valverde and after a short transfer we will get to the Fayal-Brezal forest of La Llanía where we will start the walk. The activity will combine both walking and a few yoga postures to help relax the body, observing beautiful surroundings and calm the mind. During this 3 hours hike, you’ll be disconnected from everyday life, letting you feel your inner bond with nature and enjoying the present moment. Our qualified guide will take you through different landscapes and you will discover the “sustainable” in a different way.

At a glance:

Hours: from 09:00 to 11:00 a.m –  everyday.
Languages: English, Spanish.
Booking notice required: 24h or 3 hours hike in harmony with nature.
Hiking guide.

Meeting point


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