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Senda Ecoway

Senda Ecoway

If you want to connect with the emotions that surround the paths, put all your senses on alert and don’t miss out on everything this path has to offer.

In this post we introduce you to one of the paths with the most feeling of the island of Tenerife, the Path of the Senses.

It consists of a different type of path with which you must put your senses to appreciate the nature that surrounds the Park of Anaga.

Where the roads meet

The path of the Senses goes into the laurel forest, also known as the monteverde, which is in the Rural Park of Anaga. 

This path is part of a network of trails that begin in Cruz del Carmen, which in the past was a royal road that connected the people of Anaga with the city of La Laguna. Therefore, it was the way to make possible the exchange of goods and agricultural products.

Cruz del Carmen offers a large free parking and an information office of all available trails in Anaga. Just in front of the office begins this spectacular trail. 

Also, before making the trail, you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the city of La Laguna from the viewpoint that is located in Cruz del Carmen.

Important note: you should know that in the information office you can find audio guides for the realization of this path. Although you can do it on your own if you prefer. 

Dare to Feel

The most important thing in order to discover the magic that surrounds this path, is found in you, you must dare to feel and for this you must make way for your senses.

This path is called the Path of the Senses, because as you enter it you can know its nature through the senses of hearing, smell, sight and touch. 

Along the way you will find several signs that indicate which sense you should strengthen. The signs you can find are drawings of a hand, an eye, a nose and an ear. 

When you encounter one of these signs, what you should do is stand in that place and use, for example, the sense of touch to find out what it feels like to touch laurel tree moss, or perhaps use the sense of sight to contemplate the incredible ramifications of the roots of the trees that protrude from the ground. 

You can also get to know the variety of flora that surrounds this laurel forest such as laurel trees, aceviños or viñátigos, as well as the common fern plants, ivy, morgalla or capitana.

Important note: for the good enjoyment of all those who wish to do this path, a large part of the path has been adapted for people with reduced mobility.

  Exploring the Senses 

 The path of the Senses is a circular path and can be done in a short period of time, since its duration is between 30 and 40 minutes. Therefore, it is ideal to do it also with the children of the house. 

Also, because it is a low-difficulty path, it is not necessary to be an expert in hiking, since the important thing is to live a new experience by feeling its natural beauty.

This trail has three short and simple routes: 

First track: Awaken your senses

This first route is the shorted of the three, as it is only 350 metres long. The section is situated at the beginning of the path and offers a footbridge and a small wooden terrace.  

Second line: Let yourself be surprised 

This second stretch of road belongs to the Camino Real and has a distance of 550 metres. This part of the path is characterized by its circular shape and its low level. 

During the course of this route you will find steps sculpted in the ground and a bridge and a wooden footbridge in the heights. 

Third route: What the Monteverde contains

This third route is a little longer with a distance of 1,200 metres, as it covers the previous sections. When you reach the end of this part of the path you will find the LLano de los Loros viewpoint, from which you will have magnificent views of the city of Santa Cruz and the Barranco y Presa de Tahodio. 

Also, if it coincides with a very sunny day you will be able to see the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria in the background. 

Important note: the unevenness of this third route of the path and its small demand, make it a little difficult for some people to walk, but this depends on the special physical conditions of each person. Especially the elderly or those with reduced mobility. 

As you have seen, this path is not just any kind of road to walk on the island of Tenerife. It will give you the opportunity to feel the path through smelling, seeing, touching and hearing the nature it contains… Would you like to feel the experience and get into it? Go ahead, leave us a comment on what you thought of this path. 

Important note: for your safety, do not forget to check the status of the trail to see if it is in good condition, as it may be partially or totally closed after some adverse weather phenomenon.


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  1. Mona Varga

    Simply the most amazing path I’ve traveled so far! It totally connected me to the nature, it was the most amazing vibe 🥰 Thank you for this experience!

    • Senda Ecoway

      A pleasure to discover Anaga with our clients!!


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