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Alba Carrillo

Alba Carrillo

Hola, mi nombre es Alba, me gusta la fotografía, eso me ha hecho que ame viajar. Canarias está llena de lugares, gente y gastronomía que me encanta. Soy una seguidora de mantener el turismo sostenible para poder seguir disfrutando de estos maravillosos lugares. Te invito a descubrir Senda Ecoway conmigo.

What better opportunity than the endless golden sand dunes and the crystal clear blue waters of Lanzarote to not have to worry about the brand of swimsuit? Senda invites you to travel from end to end the wonderful corners of our island where you can make your buttocks shine as much as they deserve.



Yaiza becomes the municipality with the most beaches for naturist lovers, and what better way to start this post by naming Caleta del Congrio, a dream beach, which is also of nudist origin.

It is one of the most paradisiacal beaches on the island that can be accessed both on foot, by car (there is parking with caravans perfect to leave it), bus, or even by boat from the coast. Although it is currently a mixed beach (to a lesser extent than the rest of the coves), it is a quiet place, perfect to relax.


If you thought that the only beaches in Lanzarote that you were going to love were white sand, Montaña Bermeja beach is here to tell you that you were wrong.

This beach is located on the edge of Timanfaya volcanic eruptions, which has led to the creation of a jet paradise mixed with the crystal blue of the Atlantic. Here, not only will you leave delighted after an ideal day of rest, but also, the little traffic that there is, will make that ass walk around the place as if it were at home.


70 meters of dark sand make this beach an ideal place to walk our bodies as we came into the world.

It is a beach accessible on foot a bit complicated, as well as by boat. The best option is to come by car on the LZ-67 road, once there, you will be captivated by the touch of the soft sand and the abrupt waves of its waters. The wind is a bit unpredictable, so always carry sunscreen with you, but leave your cap in the car.


Next to Caleta del Congrio beach, we find this beach in the Natural Monument of Los Ajaches.

At first, Papagayo beach was the most visited for nudism, but due to its constant traffic, its leading role was divided between Caleta del Congrio and Puerto Muelas.

The latter is very visited during holiday, but outside of them, it returns to its quiet and ideal habitat for lovers of naturism.

It has a camping site for caravans and campers with easy access to park. In addition, its 130 meters in length decorated with fine golden sand, its calm waters and a spectacular landscape, make this place the perfect setting to dedicate at least one day of your vacation to admire it in its fullness.


395 meters in length, isolated and with hardly any waves. Does it has to add something more? It is another of the ideal beaches to take a dip with your ass in the air. Although depending on the time you decide to go, you can find more “textiles”, than naturists.


It is another of Papagayo beaches, although it is only approximately 35 meters long. In it, the rocky landscape mixes with the characteristic white sand of Lanzarote, and the calm turquoise waters typical of the Atlantic.

You can get there both on foot (it is a bit complicated), as well as by boat or car, since you will have almost guaranteed parking (between 50 and 100 spaces). What we do assure you in full are spectacular views of the neighboring island, Fuerteventura, as well as the Isla de Lobos, while you relax with your buttocks exposed surrounded by a unique landscape in paradise.


We move to the northeast of Yaiza, to the third smallest municipality in Lanzarote: Tías. This 1,050-meter-long beach is characterized by its fine toasted sand, and is one of those that make up the coast of San Bartolomé y Tías.

It is a beach with a special charm, standing out above all for its proximity to the airport, and where you can watch the planes from about 100 meters away. In addition, you can also entertain yourself by watching the windsurfers who usually populate this beach, not only because of its secluded location and the tranquility it provides because it is not so crowded, but also because of the constant winds, which will help you keep your ass cool whether or not you are in the water, as in the sand.


Heading north of the island, in Teguise, we find the Charco del Palo. Although it isn’t a beach, it is a set of natural pools and nudist coves, where people enjoy the sun, the sea and very little clothing.

Or should we say nothing of clothes? Indeed, it is a whole nudist town, in which you will only have the obligation to dress in the few restaurants that are nearby, but even to water the plants you will not have to make that effort.

If you want to enter the coast of the town of Mala, and live the naturist experience in Lanzarote, this place is a must on your visit.


Although its blue waters attract anyone’s attention, this beach is one of the calmest on the Costa de Teguise. Its 400 meters of white sand are only interrupted by the rocky landscape that also decorates it.

Has parking for cars (road LZ-101), but its access on foot is quite easy too.


Six kilometers full of one of the most impressive landscapes on the entire island. It is surrounded by a mountainous cliff that stands out for being the highest point on the entire island.

It is one of the favorite beaches to practice naturism, thanks to the fact that the town of Caleta de Famara stands out for its secluded bungalows that give a feeling of privacy that only leaves you wanting to show your butt.

Here you have to be careful with the waves, this makes this beach the ideal place for the use of boogies and surfboards.


We move to Haría, the northernmost municipality in all of Lanzarote and which, together with Yaiza, has the largest number of beaches for naturism lovers, starting with Risco beach.

This beach is made for lovers of both naturism and hiking, since the only access to it is on foot after a 90-minute walk along a coastal path surrounded by a place with spectacular views.

Just 2 kilometers away, it is one of the most isolated beaches on the island, and from what we have just said, it is practically deserted.


Despite being just a few meters from the town of Órzola, its characteristics as a hidden, quiet, beautiful and wide beach make it one of the protagonists in the rankings of the best nudist beaches in Lanzarote.

It is known as the most exotic beach in the north of Lanzarote, and it also comes hand in hand with spectacular views of La Graciosa.


Also located in the town of Órzola, white, fine and clean sand of this beach gives prestige to its name.

It is an isolated beach compared to La Canteria beach, so it gives us the perfect excuse to forget our swimsuit at home and walk our naked bodies through its wonderful sand.

Of course, thanks to the natural pools that are formed as a result of its waves, it is also usually visited by all types of tourists, so depending on the time we are in, it can be a mixed beach with more textiles than naturists.


With these 13 majestic beaches, we conclude this post. We hope that you do not deprive yourself of visiting the most hidden settings that Lanzarote offers us, nor that you deprive yourself of giving yourself the pleasure of strolling through our wonderful beaches as they brought us into the world.


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