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10 famous films shot in the Canary Islands

Sendaecoway ¬Ľ Travel ¬Ľ 10 famous films shot in the Canary Islands


Hello, my name is Jaqueline and I am a travel lover. During the trip, I like to have the possibility to know all the hidden places that I haven’t know yet. One of the things that I like to do is to go to the cinema. I am passionate by movies and I would like to see them in cinemas. Eating in a good restaurant would be a nice idea. I love cooking and taste different types of food, specially when the food is a traditional plate from the country.

If you are in the Canary Islands on your next vacation, we propose a new way of discovering the wonders they hide through the eyes of the cinema.

The Canary Islands are one of the favourite destinations of film production companies, both nationally and internationally. One of the key factors in choosing the Canary Islands as a location for filming mega-productions is the great variety of landscapes and natural settings on each of the islands, making it possible to recreate scenes that combine beach and forest or land life and underwater life. 

In this post we have created a list for you to know the 10 most famous movies shot in the Canary Islands. In addition, we have also added the location of the shootings, so that you can discover the wonderful landscapes that captivated these super-producers to shoot the feature films.

 1. Films shot in Gran Canaria

The landscapes of Gran Canaria have been a key setting for  the filming of different films over the years. Natural landscapes such as the Dunes of Maspalomas and more urban landscapes such as the city of Las Palmas have been chosen as the film set for the following films:

ALLIES (2016)

This film, starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, is set in the 1940s in North Africa. The main character is a spy who falls in love with a French resistance fighter, who could be a double agent collaborating with the Nazis.

Part of the film’s history is situated in the city of Casablanca, so in order to recreate the scenery of the place as best as possible, parts of the old quarter of Vegueta and part of Las Dunas de Maspalomas were used.  


This American comedy starring the famous actresses Shirley MacLaine, Jessica Lange and Demi Moore, in which Eva (the main character), after being widowed and receiving an inheritance of 5 million dollars, decides to travel to the Canary Islands with her best friend, but things go wrong in a very comical way. 

The capital city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the old quarter of Barrio de Vegueta and the Hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras Spa & Resort, gave life to the story of this comical film. 


This Spanish comedy by actors Dani Rovira, Joaquín Furriel and Ingrid García Jonsson, in which the three protagonists go in search of a supposed cargo of gold hidden in the tunnels of the Rock of Gibraltar, was shot in the capital of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

2. Films shot  in Tenerife

The national and international film producers who have chosen the island of Tenerife as the set for their productions have been fascinated by the great variety and distinction of landscapes where the coast and geographical features formed by volcanic rocks meet, as in Punta de Teno, as well as more urban and everyday settings such as the La Salud neighbourhood in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

A clear example of this are the following films:


This fantasy film stars Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Gemma Arterton. It is an adaptation of the myth of Perseus, son of Zeus, who goes on a dangerous mission to save the life of Princess Andromeda.

We can see that almost 80% of the film was shot in Tenerife, specifically in the northwest and center of the island where you can see parts of Punta de Teno, the Barranco de Masca and the Teide National Park. 

FAST & FURIOUS 6 (2013)

This American crime film belongs to a saga of 9 movies, starring the actors Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Paul Walker. In brief, the film’s plot is about a mission where Don’s team will have to collaborate with Agent Hobbs to catch some mercenary drivers.   

We can see at the beginning of the film several scenes shot in the north of Tenerife, specifically in the tunnel of Punta de Teno and in the village of Garachico. Also near the end of the film appears an incredible scene with a tank where you can see the road to the south, the Anillo Insular.


This latest film in the Bourne saga, starring Matt Damon and Tom Lee Jones, shows a Bourne who must fight an organization that uses technology to spread terror in society, while at the same time being persecuted by the CIA. 

We can see that part of the story unfolds in the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which are represented in the film as the streets of Grecia, as well as one of the main fights that takes place in the municipality of G√ľ√≠mar.  


Rambo’s famous movie saga comes to an end and much of his film set was located on the island of Tenerife. This time Sylvester Stallone plays a Rambo who seeks justice after his niece is kidnapped and killed by drug dealers and women from Mexico.  

Places like Santa √örsula, Teide National Park, the Gladiolas and the Rosary were used for the recreation of Arizona and Mexico, cities where the film was set.

If you are curious to see the places used for the filming of these movies, I recommend you to take a look at the article of the best viewpoints of Tenerife (especially those in the north), from which you can recognize several of the landscapes that appear in some of these films and enjoy magnificent views of the island. 

3. Films shot in Fuerteventura

The desert landscapes are an element of identity of the island of Fuerteventura that are reflected in places like the Playa del Matorral or the Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo, which have served as the background for the following films:


With the different landscapes offered by the island of Fuerteventura, the shooting of this feature film is given free rein. We can see in its scenery the natural parks of the Dunes of Corralejo and Jandia, the coastal area of El Cotillo, the Barranco del Mal Paso and Cofete beach. 


This Spanish production starring Maribel Verd√ļ, Joaqu√≠n Furriel and Joaqu√≠n Rapalini, tells the story of Lola and her autistic son Trist√°n, who travels to Patagonia in search of improving her son’s situation through contact with the Orcas.  

We can see how the island of Fuerteventura enters into this history through the scenery offered by the town of Las Playitas and the peninsula of Jandia.  

HAN SOLO (2018)

This American science fiction film starring Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson and Emilia Clarke tells the story of the young Han Solo where, along with his gang of smugglers, he intends to steal coaxium from the planet Kessel.

As you can see in this film, one of the main settings is located in a desert, which comes to life with the dunes that are in the Matorral beach in the municipality of P√°jara.

4. Localizations of films shot in the Canary Islands

To visualize on the map the following locations of the places where the above mentioned movies were shot, just click on each one of them. 


Vegueta neighborhood

Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras Spa & Resort 


Punta Teno

Barranco de Masca

Parque Nacional del Teide


Anillo insular Road 

Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Santa √örsula

Los Gladiolos

El Rosario


Matorral Beach 

 Natural Park Corralejo Dunes

 Natural Park of Jand√≠a

The Cotillo

Mal Paso Ravine 

 Cofete Beach 

 Las Playitas Town 

The Peninsula of Jandía


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